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Portrait of a photographer: Jeltje Janmaat – A Creative and Diligent Little Bee

As a child, it was one of her favorite pastimes to rearrange and furnish her bedroom. She regularly captured the results with her camera. This was the beginning of Jeltje Janmaat’s photographic career.

She has remained faithful to interior photography ever since. For eleven years now, Jeltje has been working as a freelance photographer for various brands, including House of Pictures, the leading Scandinavian photo agency for premium interior and lifestyle features. In the course of the working relationship between House of Pictures and living4media, the special picture agency for living & life, selected photos from many House of Pictures’ photographers will be licensed exclusively as individual images via living4media.

The first is a wonderful selection of pictures by Jeltje. We would like to introduce to you the Dutch photographer with a photographer portrait.


Contribution photos ©Jeltje Janmaat

How It All Began

As Jeltje says today, her passion for interior design and interior photography originated in her childhood. She loved to constantly redesign and furnish her room and take photos of it. She received her education at the Amsterdam Academy of Fine Arts Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Amsterdam Photography School Fotovakschool.

The Style

In each of her photographs, you will notice that stylistic precision is of the utmost importance. In this respect, she describes herself as a bit obsessed and self-deprecating. She loves things to be simple but stylish. She likes to use daylight playfully and puts a special focus on styling.


“I think perfect styling is important. And I can turn a small space into a large space on camera.”


The Full Nappy on the Designer Table

She particularly enjoys her work because she always experiences exciting things during her shoots. For example, she likes to think back to shots taken in an eco-house in Morocco.


“Sleeping on hay and the toilet was a deep well.  Really back to the basics.”


Once she even discovered a completely unexpected detail in the middle of a designer table she wanted to photograph: a full diaper. A really interesting contrast, she still finds amused today.

A Real Country Girl

The photographer likes to get new ideas and inspiration from Instagram. She is fascinated by houses that carry a personal history. She is also inspired by trips to larger cities. But her real love is country life.


“I was born in Amsterdam and I live in the same village where I grew up. I’m a real country girl. In the city, I like to be inspired by beautiful houses, shops, and restaurants. But I am always happy to be home again!”


Always on the Move

She lives with her husband, two little daughters, and a mini poodle. There is always something going on. Despite all the hustle and bustle, Jeltje likes to keep her home dressed in white tones, tidy and clean. When and if she has a spare moment she enjoys sports. She loves to jog through nature to clear her head. Always being on the move is what makes Jeltje special.


“I’m a busy bee and I never sit still. My creative thoughts always run at full speed.”


The results of her creativity can be admired on her website. Jeltje’s great features can be found at House of Pictures and single photographs at living4media.

Discover Jeltje Janmaat at living4media


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