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Portrait of a Photographer: Luc Roymans – Images with Warmth and an Approach to Life

For a while, his parents thought that he would become an engineer because he had an analytical way of thinking. But things turned out differently. Luc Roymans, from Antwerp, was drawn to interior and architectural photography.

How It All Began

Roymans’ roots are originally in journalism and nature photography. After completing a bachelor’s degree in photography in Antwerp, he experimented with various photography practices and styles. By chance, he moved into architecture and interior photography as more and more clients from this field commissioned him because they liked his work so much. He quickly realized that this type of photography was perfect for him since it allowed him to concentrate fully on the composition and graphic side of photography.

What is Important to Him

The structure of his pictures is always very clear and architectural. Nevertheless, he is able to make his photographs convey warmth and lifestyle in his photographs:


“With my styling, I like to bring a real-life feel to a shoot. I hate over-styling, so my goal is to feel a touch of the family who lives in the project.”


Portrait ©Luc Roymans

People Bring His Photos to Life

Architecture and interior photography have become his specialties. His clients are renowned interior magazines from all over the world such as Elle-Deco, Bo Bedre, Interior Design, and Marie Claire Maison. Many architects and interior designers book him for their projects as well as small regional companies. It is noticeable that his architectural photos often show people or animals:


“I do tend to feel that including people or pets into a shoot often distracts from the architecture. On the other hand, including some ‘life’ can really make a project come to life. I shoot a lot of interior design editorials, and adding some form of ‘human touch’ can greatly enhance the appeal of a project.”


How Do Sneakers and Interior Photos Fit Together?

Luc Roymans revealed a little fun fact from his early days as a photographer. As a hidden trademark, the Antwerp photographer liked to smuggle a very special accessory into some pictures:


“I used to add a pair of flashy sneakers in one shot in every shoot – but thankfully I’ve grown up now…”


Second Passion- Nature Photography

Luc Roymans can’t let go of his beginnings. One week a year he reserves himself for his second passion, nature photography. He doesn’t see this as a hobby, but rather, as an extension of his work. However, he only photographs out of personal interest and not on behalf of a customer. He presents his impressive nature pictures on The father and husband loves that his passion for photography can be such an important part of his life:


“I love (my) life and I’m grateful that I earn my living the way I do… That’s my inspiration – knowing I’m one of the lucky few who was able to make a hobby into a job.”

Here you can find Luc Roymans at living4media

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