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Portrait of a Photographer: Patricia Parinejad – Cosmopolitan with the Camera

Patricia Parinejad can justifiably be called a cosmopolitan. For 20 years, she has worked worldwide as a photographer, photo artist, author, and producer. Her works have won numerous prizes and have been on exhibit internationally. The Persian-German photographer and filmmaker has lived and worked in many countries around the world.

How It All Began

Patricia was born in Germany but grew up in Tehran. At the age of 15, she left Iran for political reasons with her family. This experience led her to learn from different cultures and religions at an early age. It pushed her to seek her own path and cultural identity. Thus, in addition to her studies of literature, which she completed with a master’s degree, she simultaneously spent twelve years as a flight attendant. Patricia lived in many different countries such as France, the USA, Belgium, Brazil, and Hong Kong, China. Always with her camera.


“I simply captured everything I was interested in with a small camera, so different perspectives developed again and again.”


Porträtfoto ©Patricia Parinejad

What Inspires her Work

The range of her fields of interest is enormous. Besides literature, her passion for architecture, art, and design manifested itself early on. Environmental protection is also close to her heart. What fascinates her about nature is the interplay of the elements. Landscapes, playing with light and shadows, and leaves and flowers all play a role. The beauty and transience of earthly existence was the theme of her series “trees I absence” (2012) that focused on threatened and rare tree species.

Patricia’s Photographs are on Exhibit Worldwide

Her special love belongs to exceptional Japanese and Brazilian architecture. One of her most well-known projects is a series of photographs documenting the complete works of the famous Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer. Works from these can be seen both in the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba and in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Patricia’s work can be admired at international exhibits and in galleries and museums. For example, her photo series documenting “Structures of spontaneous architecture in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro,” was shown at the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Lecturer of Interior Design and Architectural Photography

The photographer was involved in several international book projects, including “Miami Interiors” and “Berlin Interiors.” She also works as a creative director for luxury hotels, building innovative concepts. She also teaches interior design and architectural photography at various institutes in Europe. What fascinates her about interior photography is that it is immensely aesthetic. Patricia is enthusiastic about beautiful, tasteful, and above all, extraordinary furnished rooms.


“I love close-ups. It’s where the soul of a project often hides.”


Yoga as an Anchor in an Eventful Life

When Patricia is not photographing or jetting around the world, she loves to spend time with her herd protection dog Lucie, who she adopted from an animal welfare organization in Sardinia. She has trained as a yoga teacher and gives classes regularly.


“Yoga grounds me, gives me serenity, and is my anchor in my eventful life.”


The artist, who speaks six languages fluently, currently lives mainly in Berlin.


Discover Patricia Parinejad at living4media


Cover: ©living4media / Patricia Parinejad /11420471

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