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Portrait of Photographer: Circumnavigator Anne Bråtveit

Anne Bråtveit is a circumnavigator and photographer. The Oslo-based photographer specializes in interior design and architecture. Innovative solutions using sustainable materials, with a focus on the fate of future generations, are very close to her heart. We are presenting our photographer in a portrait.


Portrait ©Nadia Norskott

Anne Bråtveit: How It All Began

Anne Bråtveit discovered her passion for photography early on. She bought her first camera in the 5th grade. The dream of having her own reflex camera came true in 8th grade. She invested the money she received for her confirmation directly into the purchase of her dream camera. Her early works show what surrounded her at that time: mountains, forests, and the sea. Anne grew up in a family of seven in the north of Norway. She played with her friends in the picturesque natural scenery of Neverdal, protected by steep mountains on one side and the blue sea on the other. For her, this green headland was an inspiration for her photographic work.

Versatile Photographic Training

As a 16-year-old Anne left home to begin photography training on the Lofoten Islands north of the Arctic Circle. Inspired by nature, she initially photographed calendar motifs but also worked with portraits and storytelling. For a while, Anne toyed with the idea of becoming a photojournalist. Since she was also fascinated by interior design and architecture, this passion became increasingly reflected in her photographs. After finishing her training, she began studying cultural sciences and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. She then continued her photography training in Oslo in the photography studio of Massimo Leardini and Trine Thorsen. There she was able to perfect her skills and knowledge and began to specialize more and more in architecture and interior design in her photographic work.

What Inspires Anne Bråtveit

This specialty gave her the opportunity to discover ever new inspiring places and to capture them with her camera. She prefers to use natural light to capture moods authentically. And she enjoys working with passionate creatives and dedicated craftsmen who work with sustainable materials and concepts.

Sustainability is Close to Anne Bråtveit’s Heart

After all, sustainability is a topic that is close to Anne’s heart. Therefore, her partners are mostly architects, designers, artists, agencies, magazines, and product manufacturers who share this attitude. Anne greatly appreciates the efforts of businessmen and businesswomen that develop innovative solutions looking out for the fate of future generations.

Sailing Around the World

A future with a natural, healthy environment is what the photographer wants for her own children. When Anne was expecting her first child, she took this big change in life as an opportunity to get involved in something special. She set off on a sailing trip that took her around the world. After countless sunsets and sunrises on the oceans of this earth, she finally landed back in her home port with three children.

Home Port Oslo as a Haven of Peace

After growing up in the north, the 38-year-old has now settled in Ekeberg, a district of Oslo. Together with her children and cat Maui, she can recharge her batteries in the hammock in the garden and enjoy a wonderful view of the center of the Norwegian capital. She also loves to explore the narrow streets of Oslo on her e-bike or drift along in the family sailboat, with nothing else above her but the endless expanse of the sky…

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Cover: Feature 13259547 / © House of Pictures / Bråtveit, Anne

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