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Small Spaces: Small Rooms, Big Rooms

Living space is increasingly becoming a luxury, especially in metropolitan areas. Most people’s homes are only a few square meters. Is that too small to make your home beautiful? Not at all! We can make small rooms feel big!


Perfectly Used

From minimalists, one-room wonders, and other manageable living oases, here you will find the most beautiful living examples for the small home. A mini kitchen is hidden in the closet, a lofted bed, and the bookshelf under the stairs are just a few examples.


Clever Solution

The right foundation is important. For example, furniture on casters empowers flexible living. Multifunctional furniture such as benches with storage space and space-saving sliding doors help to make use of the available living space right down to the smallest corner. Classic made-to-measure furniture is also extremely helpful in this respect. We offer clever DIY ideas and tailor-made solutions to make the most of bevels, niches, and angles.


Smartly Staged

Skillful staging is especially important when you have so little space! With the right colors, individual areas can be well defined and rooms can be optically opened. Shelves and wall cupboards must be chosen tone-on-tone with the wall color. By blending the two, you create the illusion that they do not take up that much space. Mirrors and glass surfaces make everything airier. Exciting wallpapers as eye-catchers and are just one of our many decorative ideas for small rooms.


Happy furnishing with our suggestions!

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