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Our summerfavorite: the Spritz

There is an evergreen that is orange. Most of the time at least, sometimes it’s red, pink or yellow. Who are we talking about? Our summerfavorite: the Spritz.

We are talking about our summer favorite and the name alone is refreshing! The aperitif comes from Italy and stands for bubbly lightness. The most popular variant is the Aperol Spritz with its bright orange color an eye-catcher. A bit stronger is the Campari version: the bitter liqueur provides a refreshingly tart note and colors the aperitif red. But that’s not the end of it, because the variety of the drink goes much further, this year hot in trend is the lemony fresh Limoncello Spritz, a pink grapefruit Spritz or a lemon verbena Spritz.

“Spritz” your day away >>

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