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Telling Stories: Food Blogger Antti Jokinen

Antti Jokinen is a professional photographer. His great passion is food, so he launched a blog using visual storytelling to celebrate life and food in Finland. He calls his English blog “Mr. River Cooks”.

Although his work includes art and commercial work featuring still life, lifestyle, travel, food and fashion photography, great passion is food.

His Finnish blog “Jokihaka Kokkaa” premiered four years ago. This year he added the English version “Mr. River Cooks,” a word play on the Finnish translation of his name. “It’s still in the early stages but I am going to share traditional Finnish and Scandinavian recipes along with international dishes from around the world,” says Antti. Many of his photos show landscapes and cityscapes. He plans to add posts about nature and travel tips for discovering Finland.

Antti loves seasonal food, so his photography usually follows the seasons. “What I really like is to tell stories with pictures,” he explains. Many of his photo series celebrate food from the farm to the table. The biggest challenge for him is to make raw meat look delicious and tempting. He also likes to play with colour and work with a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries. With fish it is the other way around. “I like to take images of whole raw fish and seafood but cooked fish is a bigger challenge.”

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