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The Engadin: Enchanted by Its Rigid Charm

The Engadin is a high valley in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. It is one of the highest inhabited valleys in Europe and enchants with its rigid charm. Impressive mountain passes, picturesque lakes, and dense forests characterize the landscape.

St. Moritz: Famous Figurehead of the Region

The Engadin is well known to winter sports enthusiasts because the legendary winter sports resort of St. Moritz is located there. People from all over the world travel here seeking relaxation and luxury in this glamorous resort since the end of the 19th century. Switzerland even hosted the Winter Olympic Games of 1928 and 1948 here.

Lakes Illustrate the Upper Engadin

But the Engadin also has a lot to offer besides its popular ski slopes. The more than 80-kilometer long valley is divided into two parts: the Upper Engadin and the Lower Engadin. Its valley floor that forms the base of the Upper Engadineis is at an altitude of about 1600 to 1800 meters.  The Engadin lake district distinguishes this part of the valley with the Silsersee, Silvaplanersee, Lej da Champfèr, and St. Moritzersee. Glaciers and rugged snowy peaks tower above forests of larch and Swiss stone pine. In the winter, this region is one of the coldest in the Alps.

Wild Gorges in the Lower Engadin

The Lower Engadin stretches over an altitude of 1610 to 1019 meters. This drastic difference in altitude is responsible for the wild and rugged structure of the landscape there. The river Inn rushes rapidly through the narrow rocky gorges. Roads climb the steep mountain passes, which are often impassable in winter. The only transport connection by which the rest of Switzerland can be reached all year round from the Engadin is a single railroad line. But this railroad line has only existed since 1999.

Gun Wilderness in the Alps

It is no wonder that these areas, which are rather difficult for humans to access, are a paradise for the animal world. Red deer and roe deer populate the extensive forests. Ibex and chamois can be found in the mountainous regions. In the air, golden eagles and bearded vultures soar. The Swiss National Park in Engadin and Val Mustair, founded in 1914, is the oldest and well-protected wilderness area in the Alps.

Idyllic Rigid Nature in Autumn

Our photographer Chris Frumolt has captured the brittle beauty of this untouched natural idyll for lookphotos. He takes us to the mighty Morteratsch Glacier. He takes us on a hike through the autumnal coniferous forests, experience foggy sunrises over Lago Bianco and Lake Sils. It is pure nature. A place where peace and quiet reign.

Discover the Rigid Charm of Engadin in Autumn


Cover: ©lookphotos / Christian Frumolt / 71331589


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