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Trend Macramé: Knotting is in Again!

Trend Macramé: The oriental handicraft is currently experiencing a revival in the interior area. Artfully knotted wall hangings, cushion covers, tablecloths, and hanging baskets are returning to our home. The extraordinary living accessories are pleasing to the eye with their modern patterns that are naturally chic.

Elegance with Clear, Modern Patterns

Today’s macramé art does not have much in common with the more rustic-looking specimens that could be found in many living rooms in the 1970s. Clear, modern patterns provide for tasteful elegance. Extra-large wall hangings, casual cushions, sophisticated tablecloths, and curtains in macramé bring boho flair into the home. Even the classic, stylishly knotted hanging baskets have become an absolute eye-catcher when they are effectively hung in the right place.

Macramé: Craftsmanship from the Orient

Together with weaving and knitting, macramé is probably one of the oldest handicraft techniques. The oriental weaving method came to Europe in the 13th century with the crusaders and Moors via Spain. Arab weavers created the technique by knotting excess thread on the edges of hand-woven fabrics to form decorative fringes. Today’s name macramé developed from the Arabic word “miqrama” for “decorative fringe” or “knotted veil” as well as from the word “migramah”. This simply means “to weave”. Finally, the Spanish word “macramé” became established as the name for the knotting technique.

A Natural Look Achieved with Organic Materials

Any kind of yarn or string can be used for knotting. Organic fibers such as cotton, jute, hemp, or sisal provide a natural look. There is a guide or carrier thread and a working thread. The guide thread carries the knots, the working thread is used for knotting. The technique is based on two basic knots: the half beat and the half knot. All other knots are only variations of it. With the help of more complicated variations such as cross knots, rib knots, or wavy knots, exciting effects are created. It is also possible to incorporate beads or similar decorations.

Macramé Jewelry and Clothing

In addition to the design of furnishing accessories, there are many forms for this artistic handicraft technique. Macramé jewelry such as anklets, bracelets, or necklaces is experiencing new popularity. A couple of other striking spinoffs are knotted bags and belts. Clothes and underwear were already artfully decorated with macramé in Victorian England. Nowadays, especially in summer, artfully knotted tops or airy skirts in macramé style attract attention.


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