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We have wanderlust. Do you too? We’ve been dreaming of carefree travel to exotic places, finally going on a voyage of discovery again, experiencing breathtaking nature, and visiting exciting metropolises up close…

Our lookphotos photographers make you want to do more with their fantastic shots, from spectacular landscapes in the national parks of Western Australia and the Southwest of the USA to dreamlike island impressions of Corsica and the icebergs off the coast of Greenland.

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Western Australia by Chris Frumolt

Western Australia’s national parks are home to some of the most extraordinary landscapes on earth. Join Chris Frumolt as he looks through the unique Nature’s Windows in Kalbarri National Park or hikes through the strange-looking limestone pillars of Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. It’s like being on another planet…


Southwest of the USA by Heiner Machalett

Heiner Machalett was on tour for us in the national parks in the southwest of the USA. Join him on a trip to the infamous Valley of Death in the Mojave Desert, one of the driest areas on earth. Or stroll through the famous metropolises of the US west coast Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Corsica by Wilfried Feder

Corsica – these are romantic harbor towns nestling on the hillside, rugged volcanic rock in the Scandola nature reserve, idyllic alleyways in Corte, and the impressive 13th century citadel of Calvi. Wilfried Feder paints an enchanting portrait of the island.

Greenland by Claudia Reithmeir

New at lookphotos is Claudia Reithmeir. In her first posting she kidnapped us to South and West Greenland. Barren landscapes alternate with squeaky-coloured rows of houses and funny detail shots; in the background, floating iceberg giants very close to the coasts. Brittle beauty.


Cover: ©lookphotos / Chris Frumolt / 71323602

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