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Winners and Globetrotters: News From Our Photographers

The New Year is starting with exciting news from our photographers. For example, Look photographer Denis Feiner won a prize during the photo competition at the WunderWelten festival with two pictures in the category Night and Twilight Photography. His photo “Aurora and Milky Way” captures the impressive northern lights in Stokksnes below Mount Vestrahorn in Iceland. “Bavarian Sky” shows the chapel at Raisting at the Bavarian Ammersee under the glittering Milky Way. Congratulations!

We also welcome the Dutch photographer Lode Greven as a new member of our team and our “old hands” Jürgen Held, Thomas Stankiewicz and Kay Maeritz have been on tour for us in France, the South Caucasus and Bhutan.


Lode Greven in Norway

Newcomer Lode Greven presents us with his view of Norway. The Dutchman creates a perfect winter mood with his atmospheric photos of the snowy forests of the Scandinavian country.


Jürgen Held in France

Jürgen Held alias travelstock44 has brought back from France a dazzling collection of new photographs. The result is an explosive firework of figures, colors, and shapes. There is a lot to see.


Thomas Stankiewicz in the South Caucasus

Very few photographers still get lost in the remote South Caucasus. Thomas Stankiewicz discovers this exciting region for us with rare pictures from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.


Kay Maeritz in Bhutan

Finally, the view becomes exotic with fantastic impressions from the Himalayas by Kay Maeritz. The Asia specialist shows landscape, culture, and people of one of the most popular travel destinations in 2020: Bhutan.

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