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Our tips for successful image submissions and sales


Check demand and pay attention to current image requests

On the new Image Professionals website there is a special section for our photographers where you can find our image requests. Some topics are always in demand, like classics and evergreens, which can be found in the "All-Time Favorites" section that is organized by genre. However, we are also looking for content for trends and customer requests. We have listed these under "Recent Requests". It’s worth checking here regularly.


Use image calls

We will still continuously inform you about the current image requests via "Image Call," which we send by e-mail. Additionally, we are in personal contact with the photographers who actively submit images. This allows us to exchange content and involve you in relevant customer projects at an early stage, which in our experience has a positive effect on the sales report.


Obtain personal portfolio feedback

How is your work received? What do our clients and internal content specialists say? If you would like productive and professional feedback on your portfolio, Margarita Semadeni (Artist Relations) will be happy to make an appointment for a personal meeting, which is of course also possible via video or phone.


Work seasonally and with advance notice

Instead of bending backward in summer to make a Christmas shoot, it is better to wait for the real winter. Because only in that season does the light, nature, and environment fit to create the desired mood. Nothing is as precious as real snow on a winter picture. Directly submit the freshly shot, edited images, so we have enough time to select the material, archive, and actively offer the content to our customers early. After all, they work with a fair amount of advance notice and often reserve the best material instantly – even far in advance of the planned publication. Seasonal themes such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, or Christmas should always be sent 6 months in advance.


Keep up with the times and watch out for trends

Some themes are always needed, but the desired style or mood has changed. Other times, themes suddenly pop up, or a particular look is in demand. Our successful photographers are aware of current trends, know what our clients need, and produce this content specifically. You can always request current fact sheets with visual examples of trend topics from us.


Working with a stylist

As Image Professionals, we want to offer our clients only the best material. Their expectation of our content is high and they immediately recognize when a setting has not been professionally styled. It’s the little things, details in the arrangement that make the difference – a good stylist can work with you as the photographer to create the perfect image. Various billing models are possible here; for features, we have recently been able to pay out the splitting for the stylist directly, if that is desired. You can request the corresponding addendum for co-contributors from us.


Make features

Often customers are not only looking for a single image, but material for an entire theme. Whoever delivers cohesive content can flourish. This applies to all our collections:

  • For food features, at least 6 recipes and matching mood images
  • For DIY features, at least 3 craft projects with corresponding steps
  • For interior features, a complete living story with all interiors, exteriors, with portraits of the residents
  • For travel stories, an extraordinary travel destination with personal elements

Also consider 1-2 subjects with lead or cover potential that have enough copy space, i.e. free space for text. For food, interior or travel stories with at least 20-40 images and a clear thread, please send the completed Feature Submission Form and a detailed text with your submission. If the content team would like to prepare the track as a feature, no time will be lost, and the feature can be offered immediately.


Deliver regularly

When our customers like your images, they often look specifically for new content from you. That’s why it pays to send a delivery of fresh material regularly – every 2 months or so – so that your portfolio works and clients notice that there is an active and trendy professional working here. A good mix of single images and features is popular.


Also deliver to other themes

Under the umbrella of Image Professionals, we now have the opportunity to place a wide variety of topics and offer them in the appropriate collection depending on the genre, be it food, interior, DIY, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, adventure, etc. The submission process is always the same: Send the high-resolution images to or to our FTP server.


Update photographic equipment

A camera with 26 megapixels is the absolute minimum nowadays, professional post-editing of digital RAW images now accounts for half of the photographic work. It is absolutely worth investing in knowledge and equipment so that the images can stand up to the qualitative standard of our collections.