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Children Make Life More Colorful! Our Beautiful Children’s Rooms

They are small and yet they bring great happiness. Right now it seems as if the whole world is talking about babies! Discover our children’s rooms.

Not just because the birth of “Baby Sussex” is a topic that is close to our hearts. Creating the perfect nursery and children’s room is something very special. Because here, it’s not just the latest trends and mom and dad’s taste that counts. It’s the children who rule here!

Sadly, we will never know how the royal Archie Harrison’s nursery is set up.  However, our photographs provide a lot of inspiration for a child’s room or a nursery. We can inspire rooms that the little ones will love and rooms that make the older ones feel at home.

It’s not the theme or color of a room that makes children happy. A happy and inspiring child’s room should be bright, friendly, and safe.

There are so many new designs for children’s furniture and there are timeless classics that we all know and love. Vintage furniture, a bedside table made from a wooden crate, and muted colors are great ideas for a child’s room! It is important for the kids to be able to keep a little order in their space. They need a special place where they can retreat, like a cozy corner or the current must-have a tepee.

Here is a simple fact that we have learned from living with kids: A home is where people live. It’s not going to always look staged for Insta and Co! So, turn a blind eye, embrace the temporary chaos, and just play along.


Have you read enough? Then here comes the photos!

Our most beautiful children’s rooms





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