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Our Mission

In 1979 we started with an idea of creating the largest premium collection of food images on the international photography market. We have long since achieved this goal with our agency StockFood. Today, we work closely with the most renowned photographers, video producers, and copywriters covering many other subject areas. Thanks to this joint expertise, we manage to provide our media, marketing, and advertising clients with exceptional images for their diverse projects.

This is the mission we here at Image Professionals realize every day. We love creative artists, bold visionaries, and up-and-coming talent. Only genuine expertise combined with the highest quality standards makes it through our multi-stage selection process so that our portfolio will remain unique and versatile.

With these ambitions, we want to inspire our photographers, excite our clients, and inspire our employees. In doing so, we are guided by four principles: excellence, creativity, passion and integrity.


Our Claim

We love professional images not only for their aesthetics but also because of the emotions and stories they can tell. To be accepted by Image Professionals, they must also be clearly labeled and sometimes titled even with scientific precision. After all, in addition to authenticity and emotion, our customers also expect security and reliability.

Our task as Image Professionals is to acquire the best content on the market and prepare it for our clients in such a way that they can use our image material for their projects without any additional effort or further research. Our team is comprised of over 50 specialists from a wide range of disciplines so that we can meet our comprehensive quality standards.

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Our Path

Our story began in 1979 when photographer Pete A. Eising founded the StockFood agency. He started with exclusive rights-managed food productions and expanded the portfolio with royalty-free images, videos, and editorial prints from selected sources. Over a few years, StockFood GmbH became the world’s largest network of professional food photographers.

Since 2010, other premium agencies in other niche areas were added. In addition to food, the topics of living, beauty, science, medicine & health, garden, and travel, among others, were consistently expanded. Additionally, many professional services were added that catered to image, video, text, licenses, and rights.

In 2019, the company was renamed Image Professionals GmbH. All agencies of the current brand family are now united by a professional and empathetic service, in combination with a huge network of knowledgeable experts and professional consultants.

Since 2016, Image Professionals has been a Hubert Burda Media company.

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Our Managing Director

Our managing director Martin Skultety has been with the company for over 25 years. His professional career began in the Press and Image Department of Munich Airport, before he became a senior editor at the press agency KPA. In 1995, he moved to StockFood, where his initial focus was on building an international network of distribution partners. He traveled to over 200 photo agencies in 55 countries and established StockFood as the only German global market leader in the photo industry. Since 2010, his main focus has been on expanding the agency family, which was consistently pursued with the acquisition by Hubert Burda Media in 2016 and the subsequent renaming to Image Professionals. Today, Image Professionals is considered the global market leader among specialty image agencies.

In addition to the continuous expansion of the company, our CEO places very high value on a healthy and trusting corporate culture. The long-term connection of many employees and the loyalty of thousands of artists serve as proof of the success of the company’s management. Image Professionals always keep an eye on the human side in addition to economic success.

In addition to the company’s goals, Martin Skultety has represented the interests of the entire national industry for many years as the German representative on the presidium of the European Association of Picture Agencies.

Press Releases

Interior picture agency Narratives joins Image Professionals

Interior picture agency Narratives joins Image Professionals

StockFood distributes images from the Tre Torri publishing house

StockFood distributes images from the Tre Torri publishing house