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Desired Place Africa: South Africa and Cape Verde Islands

The wanderlust, it got to us. You too? Are you ready to go to Africa? Well, first thing, we’re going way down south. We’ll take you to South Africa with its extraordinary animal world and breathtaking landscapes.

And for all those in search of even more exotic experiences, the Cape Verde Islands is just the place to go. Come with us on an adventurous journey to the volcanic archipelago off the north-west coast of Africa!


South Africa

Experience a colorful mixture of tropical wildlife, fascinating landscapes, and modern metropolises. From vineyards, dream beaches, forests, and lagoons, to national parks, and the Cape of Good Hope: the exclusive selection of lookphotos presents a multi-faceted spectrum of the most diverse sights of the southernmost tip of the African continent. South Africa is a dream destination and a much sought-after place of longing.



Cape Verde Islands

Rugged, barren landscapes and dark, cool colors, our Dutch photographer Lode Greven has portrayed the Cape Verde Islands in the North Atlantic in his own, almost unmerciful way. Feel the unique, original connection between man and nature, which is almost screaming out of the pictures. Let yourself be carried away by the powerful, intense imagery. It is raw emotion.



Cover: lookphotos / Lode Greven / 71308530

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