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Food Trends 2021: #5 TikTok Kitchen Hacks

New food trends are constantly emerging around the globe. We went in search of the most exciting developments and found five-strong trends for 2021, which we would like to present to you. Today: #5 TikTok Kitchen Hacks.

On TikTok, everything spins a little faster. Complicated cooking recipes would be too lengthy for the youthful community. Original kitchen hacks, on the other hand, sometimes go viral.  For example, Cloud Bread is a simple low-carb meringue, prepared in no time at all and, above all, very colorful. The TikTok hit Ice Cream Bread even consists of just two simple ingredients: melted cream ice cream and flour, cheerfully decorated with a layer of colorful sugar sprinkles on top. Dalgona Coffee, too, is nothing more than fluffy whipped instant coffee cream with hot water on top of cold milk. Still, the Korean coffee dessert was the first TikTok creation to make it to stores in our country in a time-lapse.

With many of these fast-paced food creations, it isn’t possible to trace exactly where the idea originally started. Sometimes, however, an entire hype is triggered by just one video. For example, the carrot bacon idea (dried carrot strips with smoke flavoring) of Tabitha Brown has spread overnight all around our planet. The vegan and former Uber driver is probably feverishly working on her next viral hits, as are thousands of other influencers.

Given the exponential growth of the video platform, we can’t wait to see which witty food hacks from the TikTok community will make it onto our supermarket shelves this year.

Discover the food trend 2021 TikTok Kitchen Hacks


Hans Gerlach is an experienced chef, renowned food photographer, and successful food author. As a columnist, he works for the Süddeutsche Zeitung magazine, among others. One of the Munich native’s specialties is lovingly crafted stop-motion food films.

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