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Interior Trends 2021

Cheerful and cozy – this is the forecast for the coming year’s trends for home and living. From cozy cocooning to cottagecore: optimism and serenity define the interior trends for 2021. This is reflected in the use of soft natural tones, fresh colors, and a lot of romance. After a year in which our home had to prove itself as a multifunctional space, it became extremely clear how important it is to make the feel-good factor of our home a high priority. Let yourself be inspired by the Interior Trends of 2021!

Cozy Cocooning – Ripe for the Island of Tranquility

Interior Trends 2021 Cosy-Cocooning-living4media_13266150.jpgAfter a turbulent year full of imponderables, we are ready for the reliable island of tranquility. The Cozy Cocooning trend comes at just the right time. It satisfies the need for a protective retreat, combined with an extra portion of comfort. For example, light wood furniture and organic shapes,  as round coffee tables and curved upholstered furniture, form a cozy base. As a color tone, the soft, unexciting beige is rediscovered. To avoid monotony, we go for a mix of different materials. Thus, carpets come in a trendy layering look. Together with pleasant textures such as velvet, sherpa, bouclé, and the new textile favorite corduroy, this has the effect of a soothing embrace – despite all the social distancing requirements.


Delicate Seduction in Lavender and Mauve

Interior Trends 2021- Mauve-living4media_13239889Sometimes it’s the quiet tones that make our mood barometer soar when it comes to color. The trendy colors lavender and mauve are proving this true. The fashion star, lilac is now making its way into interiors, closely followed by soft mauve. Delicate shades of purple that are reminiscent of lavender and lilac, are giving walls, armchairs, and sideboards, as well as porcelain and lamps, a modern touch. Beige, brown, and black are suitable color partners. Green and earthy orange variations are more striking. If you like it more discreet, go for feminine mauve tones. In combination with black, velvet and matt brushed metallic accents, the more mature successor to Millennial pink looks restrainedly elegant.


Cottagecore: Pure Country House Romance

Interior Trends 2021 - Cottorage-living4media_13006054Cottagecore – this trend is conquering the hearts of all interior romantics. The name is a combination of the English words “cottage” and “hardcore.” They express the longing for a simple life in the country, in harmony with nature. The nostalgically colored daydream also works great in your home. Flowers are dried and decorated in vases or decorate the walls as floral wallpaper. Tableware? Preferably handmade. Furniture? Vintage pieces with lots of charm are preferred. And when it comes to decor, crochet and knit for all it’s worth. Cottagecore style is eclectic and cozy without being old-fashioned. It turns our home into the perfect local destination.

In the mood for more? We hope you enjoy discovering the Interior Trends 2021!



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