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V like Vegan – These are the Topics of the Future

We are on our way to find out about the nutrition of tomorrow. The V-Edge Congress focused on plant-based food and sustainability. Discover the interesting info we gathered.

The V-Edge Congress in Munich offered interesting insights into plant nutrition, reducing animal consumption, and the foods of tomorrow. Not only food, but also health, animal welfare, sport, and modern entrepreneurship were discussed. The knowledgeable, international speakers consisted of scientific and industrial designers, nutritionist, as well as those from the field of medicine provided information about future prospects. They all invited one another to exchange thoughts and ideas. Inspired by all this information, we are looking toward the future of nutrition.

The Food of Tomorrow

Sustainable nutrition and the conservation of resources are focal points that the food industry must devote itself to. Innovations and product developments in this direction are essential. Plant-based proteins are already considered to be the food of the future, and in-vitro foods also are an important prospect.

“One cell to change the world” is the motto of “Meatable“, whose main aim is to create laboratory meat. Daan Luining, founder and CTO of the Dutch laboratory, spoke at V-Edge about their progress and goals. Meatable aims to revolutionize the meat industry’s impact on climate change and animal welfare while preserving the culinary experience and flavor of the meat. By 2023, in-vitro meat is expected to be widely available.

The honey of the future will consist of flowers. Too many bees are kept in mass breeding hives and are injured or even killed during honey production. Everybody is talking about how endangered bees have become and it is time to act. In an attempt to save the bees, “Vegablum” is taking on vegan honey alternatives from marigolds, sunflowers or daisy blooms.

Target Agreement: Healthy Nutrition

In medical studies and also in nursing professions, the topic of “healthy nutrition” is rarely taught, if at all. How should a healthy future be lived? A complete plant-based diet is of great importance for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Raising the awareness of nutrition is vital for the future. The physician Niklas Oppenrieder and the Physicians Association for Nutrition, abbreviated “PAN“, deal with this issue.

Have chemical food supplements had their day? Are real herbal alternatives and plant-based proteins the nutrition of tomorrow? We are looking forward to furthering developments and will keep you informed about the food of the future.


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