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Does Rights-managed have a future? Yes, of course!

While some image suppliersare abandoning the Rights-managed licensing model, you will continue to find a large selection of high-quality RM images with us in the future.Why? Because images should reflect your brand, and be unique and unmistakable.

RM images offer clear advantages

The advantages of Rights-managed are obvious. Exclusive files are combined with tailor-made licensing and fair pricing models. With Rights-managed images, you only pay for the use you need.

And, our top photographer’s images are not available for other licensing models. Their images won’t be available at other stock photography sites.

What does RM mean?

RM stands for Rights-managed. RM images are subject to licensing. With this pricing model, you buy a license for each individual use. You receive limited rights, depending on the period of use, the type of media, the size, the edition, and the distribution area. Further uses will always require a new license. The price of the image depends on the scope of use.

In contrast, there are unrestricted images known as Royalty-free (RF). Here, you pay for a one-time fee and can use the image in many projects and media without time or distribution restrictions. However, Royalty-free does not mean that the use is completely unlimited. There are clearly defined conditions. For example, the print run and use are noted in the corresponding license terms. Pricing always depends on the resolution of the image.

If you have obtained RM images from our collections through other agencies that will no longer offer Right-managed licenses, we are your qualified partner.

Where can you license Rights-managed images in the future?

With us! You can re-license RM images from any our collections: StockFood, PhotoCuisine, living4media,, lookphotos, and House of Pictures.

Please contact us. We are your Image Professionals. We find simple solutions for every project and every budget.

Welcome to Image Professionals!

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