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Hanna Wagner and the desire to travel

With her pictures, Hanna Wagner takes everyone with her on her journeys, sharing her enthusiasm and experience. Because the world should be seen, finds the photographer, who wants to awaken wanderlust.

Her gaze is on great sights, as well as on details discovered with love. The motifs come from the city and the country, from Germany and the world. Now Hanna Wagner has switched with her complete collection to Look and produces from now on exclusively for us.


Who is Hanna Wagner?

Since she was 10 years old, 58-year-old Hanna Wagner has been taking photographs professionally since 1998. She is guided by her curiosity and enthusiasm: “I am interested in different cultures and other ways of life. They are characterized by landscape and architecture just as much as by the habits of the people and the history of the region,” says Hanna Wagner. It makes no difference to her whether she takes a short trip from her adopted home of Erding to Franconia or visits another continent. The little things can be discovered everywhere. “You see it when you look,” she says, and that it is precisely these details that make traveling and photography so appealing to her.


Fotografin Hanna Wagner in Perugia, Umrbien

Portrait © Hannah Wagner


The desire to travel

Whether traveling is still justifiable, given climate change, Hanna Wagner has considered and finds: Yes! “It is important to know a lot about each other in order to understand and respect each other.” That’s why she wants to capture the beauty of each environment. She is mapping the whole picture of each region, from nature, everyday life and cultural treasures, to food and macro photography.

On the road, Hanna Wagner prefers to travel slowly. “I like to let myself be driven by the weather, the mood and big and small discoveries,” she says. That works well by bike, as on her tour through Bavaria, Hesse and Thuringia along the former inner-German border. Or by motor home through southeastern Europe. Here she shot one of her current favorite motifs: the historic bridge “Stari Most” in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina with its daredevil bridge jumpers. “It is a special feeling to stand on this rebuilt bridge, with which so much history is connected,” says Hanna Wagner. She wants to share this experience with the viewers of her pictures.

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