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Our icing on the cake: Jasmin Lehmann

She is the latest addition to StockFood, and her images are a sweet temptation. We would like to introduce you to our newest photographer Jasmin Lehmann.

On her blog “Sahnewölkchen” the self-proclaimed chocoholic writes about her passion – sweet creations. The blogger loves baking, develops delicious recipes, and takes beautiful, atmospheric photos of her delicacies. The ingredients for her pictures are heartfelt. The abiance is a warm chocolate-brown with honey-colored light, and she creates a homey coziness through vintage dishes and flea market props.

Find out how Jasmin Lehmann got into food blogging, what was her best shoot, and how Harry Potter has influenced her work in our interview.


Portrait © Jasmin Lehmann

Jasmin, would you please introduce yourself briefly?

Jasmin: My name is Jasmin Lehmann, I am 29 years old and live in a small village on the Elbe. Between forests, fields, sunflowers, and a small brook, I live in a cottage with my partner and our cat. When I’m not baking and photographing, I work as an early childhood educator in a daycare center.


So how did you end up becoming a food photographer?

Jasmin: My passion for food photography started with the publication of my food blog “Sahnewölkchen” in December 2015. Since then, I have published new recipes of sweet treats once or twice a week on my blog and Instagram account “Sahnewoelkchen.” There is a lot of heart and passion in every post, recipe, and picture. After my business gradually grew, the orders became more diverse, and I could devote more and more to photography and recipe development.


How did you get to be so good?

Jasmin: I didn’t do any training in this field. I taught myself everything I needed. To do that, I participated in various webinars, read books, studied images from other photographers, and just did a lot of hands-on work over the years.


What inspires you in your work?

Jasmin: I am especially inspired by the seasons with their peculiarities. Each season has its own unique flavor. To bring these out in the most delicious way, my recipes are packed with seasonal and regional products, that are complemented by fine flavors. Whether summery light cakes or warming comfort food, it is often the simplest things that are the most delicious. I also design my photos according to the seasons. I also look for new trends on Instagram and Pinterest or see pictures that express a certain mood or have a special color scheme that inspire me.


What do you place particular emphasis on in your work?

Jasmin: I’m particularly taken with the stories you can convey with pictures, like evoking a certain mood or awakening emotions in the viewer. I pay particular attention to storytelling in my images. I find it incredibly beautiful to create little stories in people’s minds when they look at my pictures. To do this, my photos are always adapted to the seasons and kept in a somewhat darker setting. They should radiate coziness and warmth. For this, I mainly use vintage dishes, flea market finds, and things made of wood.


How do you manage to make your images have such a unique charm?

Jasmin: By keeping my photos in warm colors. I use a lot of brown tones, and by having the majority of my props come from antique stores and flea markets, they have a special nostalgic effect that is felt by many viewers.


How has your work evolved?

Jasmin: My photography has reached a whole new level since I started shooting with the Manfrotto tripod. It allows me to play a lot more with the exposure and put myself in the picture. Through this interaction, my photos appear even more authentic and in the moment. That’s why I don’t forget my tripod anymore.


Is there a moment from your work that particularly sticks in your memory?

Jasmin: That was definitely my photo shoot in a flower field in late summer. For that, we packed a big wooden table, chairs, dishes, a nougat strawberry cake, and homemade wild berry iced tea into the car and drove to a field in the middle of nowhere. There, we set everything up, decorated, and took pictures. All while eating super yummy food and enjoying the last rays of sunshine of the day.


That sounds like a special memory! Do you have a corresponding motto for life?

Jasmin: I don’t have a life motto, but I find it infinitely important not to lose your own lightheartedness. Especially nowadays, you should take things lightly, concentrate on the beautiful moments in life and not run after happiness.


Is there anything you are particularly proud of?

Jasmin: I wrote a book! An advent calendar baking book for Potterheads & Friends. Getting the opportunity to write this baking book is the greatest thing I’ve experienced so far during my time as a food blogger and content creator. When I started my food blog, this was my biggest goal. Achieving this makes me infinitely proud, especially since I can identify 100% with the topic. I love Christmas and the magical world of Harry and his friends.


And what are you working on right now?

Jasmin: I just finished my magic project. Since the book’s release last year, I’ve been hosting “Harry Potter Weeks” in October and November. During this time, there are various actions on my channels that I plan and carry out with my publisher and various cooperation partners around my Advent Calendar Baking Book for Potterheads & Friends. This includes, among other things, interactive quizzes, competitions, exclusive recipes on the topic, and insights into my baking book.


Wow! Is there a life besides work?

Jasmin: My biggest hobby besides food photography and baking is reading. I love books. Diving deep into other worlds, getting to know countless characters and places, rooting for my favorite protagonist and forgetting everything around me. That is my world.

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