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Time for a Change of Scenery: The Most Beautiful Trendsetters from the Roll

It is expressive, sometimes requires a little courage, and brings life to the walls: wallpaper gives rooms a face of their own. It also provides the right inspiration for furnishings. We think it is time for a change of scenery. We are displaying the most beautiful trendsetters from the roll, with commanding murals and exotic tropical motifs to romantically playful flowers and graphic patterns galore.


As Beautiful as a Painting

Wafer-thin clouds, detailed treetops, and even the Mona Lisa – only when inspecting them up-close do these works of art turn out to be wallpaper.  These wallpapers look like paintings with their filigree landscape motifs and blur the boundaries between inside and outside. This kind of opulence requires plenty of space to work. Therefore, these beautiful motifs are best when showcased on individual statement walls.


Tropical Stars in the Pattern Jungle

How practical is it when wallpaper not only embellishes our home but also eliminates severe wanderlust! These extravagant samples are a romping place for flamingos, palm trees, ginkgo, bamboo, ferns, and more. These tropical prints in rich shades of green provide a vacation feeling at home.  The exotics papers in soft shades of grey, cream, or subtly shimmering metallic tones give a noble air. They are clearly the stars in the pattern jungle.


Say It With Flowers

Whether they are modern or playful, roses, hydrangeas, or lilacs – flowers of all kinds are conquering our walls and hearts with their tendrils. This classic pattern looks timelessly feminine and romantic in muted colors.  It is particularly charming when used in combination with paneling and coffered walls. Refined color combinations such as delicate blossoms on a dark background and whimsical paisleys give floral wallpaper a modern touch.


Accurate Clarity

Graphic patterns and geometric shapes provide visual support during turbulent times. This design choice radiates reliability and stability. Ovals, hexagons, stripes, grid-like designs, and abstract patterns are very much in vogue. They captivate with clear lines and powerful compositions. Cleverly arranged, they can even give the impression of three-dimensionality. This design provides depth and structure to a room and is sure to be a real eye-catcher.

We think it is time for a change of scenery! How about you?


Cover: ©living4media / Camilla Isaksson / 12965978


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