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Interior Trends 2020: This is How We Will be Living in the New Year

Down to earth, harmonious greens, a comfortable workplace, and colorful contrasts: This is how we will be living in the new year. Read on to learn more about the Interior Trends of 2020.

Down to Earth – The 70s Revival

The 70s Revival2020 will be the year of warm brown tones in all shades from rich chocolate brown, to hazelnut, walnut, and tobacco, to cinnamon, and cognac. These shades help fulfill our need for grounding, stability, and down-to-earth support in times of political unrest and economic crisis.

A longing for nature is a growing response to the flood of stimuli brought on by technology. We are witnessing a 70s revival with handmade pottery in terracotta tones, warm wood paneling, cognac-colored leather, and Viennese wickerwork. Corduroy and velvet become a charming accent as upholstery fabric for modular sofas. Everything is brought together and styled in contemporary minimalism.

Modern Sanctuary – Harmony in Green

interior trends 2020- Harmony in GreenAccording to studies, people work not only more efficiently but better in green spaces. Green plants provide an additional sense of well-being. Our desire for sustainability and our need to be close to nature increased our enthusiasm for the color green in our homes.

Green is regarded as a symbol of calm, relaxation, and peace. It’s a welcomed balance during stressful times. Soft green tones such as a hint of sage and light emerald green provide us with a clear, soothing living environment. As a wall paint, the soft color creates a balanced atmosphere that fills an entire room. Individual pieces of furniture, carpets, lampshades, or accessories in shades of green make pleasant accents. Light shades of earth tones and natural materials go well with this color. Indoors is the new outdoors.

Make it Work – A Comfortable Workplace

A Comfortable WorkplaceThe environment in which we work is becoming increasingly important. The more comfortable we feel, the more efficient and motivated we become. The office is no longer just a place of work. The modern workplace is not just a means to an end but a comfortable and cozy space.

Work is easier in a pleasant environment regardless of whether it’s a home office, co-working space, or an open-plan office. A relaxing sofa offers a place for creative breaks. Lamps with atmospheric lighting and small desks are homey and have a quieting effect. Everyday objects are transformed into art when they are placed on a stylish marble tray. Photos can create aesthetics and plants provide oxygen. When adding all of these elements to the workplace it transforms into an oasis of well-being.

Colorful Contrasts – Expressive Shapes

Expressive ShapesThe New Year will be expressive. Abstract forms, geometric patterns, and ostentatious contrasts will grab everyone’s attention. Courageous people show their character with eye-catching decorative elements. Even classic sculptural busts return and take their place on our sideboards.

Irregular shapes inspired by nature, flowing silhouettes, and sharp contours embellish our textiles and wall art. For those who prefer more straight lines, geometric patterns can be used to accentuate walls and carpets. Whether it’s a linear pattern, color blocking, or circles – there are no limits to the imagination. Strong contrasts are always desired. The color palette ranges from classic retro tones to rich and bright colors. Attracting attention is the main aim.



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